Why You Need an Error Budget and How to Make It Work

Why You Need an Error Budget and How to Make It Work

How many times have you seen Google go down? Not many, I bet. You might not even notice it if it happened. If you did, you’d probably assume it’s an internet connection problem.

But Google isn’t perfect. As Werner Vogels says, “Everything fails, all the time.” If …

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Choosing a Deployment Strategy: A Manager’s Guide

Choosing a Deployment Strategy

Some time ago, I was in charge of deploying to the main system in the company I was working at. Back in those days, I had the bad habit of doing deployments manually by copying/pasting assemblies and then RDPing into the servers to update it with the latest changes …

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Which DevOps Metrics Matter?

DevOps Metrics

Some time ago, I decided to start dieting for the millionth time. All previous tries were a complete failure. But this last time was different.

It was different because not only was I going to a nutritionist, but also every time I visited her, she took my measurements. That way …

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Introducing Different Testing Strategies Into Your Delivery Pipeline

Testing Strategies

With the rise of DevOps, everyone’s talking about delivering quickly. But while speed is important, so is confidence. Testing will help you increase confidence, and without tests, you can’t trust the deployment pipeline. Just like divers won’t explore the ocean without oxygen tanks they can trust, ops …

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How Does DevOps Help You Make Database Changes?

Databases have always been treated with a certain level of respect---sometimes to the point that when we want to make a change to the database, we have to create scripts that contain all the commands that need to be executed in the destination environment. Of course, these sets of commands …

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Test Data Management and Its Role in DevOps

In my career, there've been many times when I've experienced the false joy of my code change being ready to be released to production. I say false joy because everything worked as expected on my computer, in dev, in testing and also staging. But in production, my recent code changes …

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7 Container Design Patterns You Need to Know

Container Design Patterns

Containers are popular right now because they help move applications forward in a consistent, repeatable, and predictable manner, reducing labor and making app management simpler. 

But how do you know if you're using containers properly? That's where container design patterns come into play. Here's what you need to know about …

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AWS Batch: A Detailed Guide to Kicking Off Your First Job

AWS Batch Guide

There are always the kind of tasks that need to run periodically, either to analyze and process information (like fraud detection), or to simply do things like send email reports. But for that, we need to have a tool to schedule computer resources and, of course, the script.

But what …

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Growing a High-Performance DevOps Culture

Culture is one of those things where we all know what it is but can’t explain it. Well, according to Wikipedia, culture is “the social behavior and norms found in human societies.” But in simple words, it’s all about people: how they interact, how they behave, how they …

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But I’m a Dev, Not a DevOps!

My experience with DevOps began before I even knew there was a name for the approach, when my boss asked me for some help in operations. The company I worked for was small at that time, so I always had the opportunity to get my hands dirty in the release …

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